Bulgaria Govt to Prepare 3 New Laws by End of Term in Office

February 6, 2013, Wednesday // 02:36
Bulgaria: Bulgaria Govt to Prepare 3 New Laws by End of Term in Office
Bulgaria's Council of Ministers building, photo by Sofia Photo Agency

Bulgaria's center-right GERB government plans to prepare three new laws by the end of its term in office in summer.

According to the government's press office, citing the newly adopted agenda of the Council of Ministers, a total of 36 sets of draft legal amendments will be reviewed by June.

Bulgaria's government is to review 27 sets of amendments and supplements to existing laws, 3 new laws, and a number of ratifications of international treaties.

Bulgaria's Health Minister Desislava Atanasova is to propose a new law on health insurance which introduces EU norms on patients' rights in cross-border healthcare and the recognition of medical prescriptions issued in another EU Member State.

The team of EU Funds Minister Tomislav Donchev is working on a bill aimed to regulate the coordination, management, implementation, monitoring, and oversight over EU funds granted to Bulgaria.

Bulgaria's Ministry of Economy, Energy, and Tourism is preparing a bill which is to encourage investments in innovations in and research and development activities and ensure a sustainable policy in the sphere.

Among the remaining draft legislation to be reviewed by the government and proposed for parliamentary approval are amendments to the Labor Code concerning safe and healthy working conditions, encouraging employment, provisions on control over narcotic substances and precursors, medicinal products for human use, on public sector internal audit, on additional oversight of financial conglomerates, on e-government, electronic communications, commercial shipping, etc.

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