Israel Welcomes Bulgarian Bus Bombing Probe

February 5, 2013, Tuesday // 06:07
Bulgaria: Israel Welcomes Bulgarian Bus Bombing Probe
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. File photo

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has welcomed the results from the Bulgarian probe into last year's terror attack in the Black Sea city of Burgas,

The Bulgarian government said Tuesday that two of the people behind the bus bombing attack that targeted an Israeli tourist bus six months ago were believed to be members of the military wing of the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah.

In a statement, Netanyahu said that Hezbollah and Iran were waging a "global terror campaign."

Netanyahu said the Bulgarian probe into the 2012 attack in the Black Sea city of Burgas was "further confirmation of what we already knew, that Hezbollah and its patron, Iran, are waging a global terror campaign across borders and continents."

"The attack in Burgas was an attack on European soil against a member of the European Union. We hope the Europeans will draw the necessary conclusions about the true character of Hezbollah," the Israeli Prime Minister added, as cited by international media.

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