UK Hasn't Moved to Curb Bulgarians, Romanians - Barroso

February 4, 2013, Monday // 03:31
Bulgaria: UK Hasn't Moved to Curb Bulgarians, Romanians - Barroso
EC President Jose Manuel Barroso. File photo

Great Britain has not asked the European Commission to extend the existing labor market restrictions for Bulgarians and Romanians, EC president Jose Manuel Barroso has said, according to the Bulgarian National Radio.

Barroso has declared that all EU member states should comply with the existing rules.

The EC president met with Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Monday. He declared the Commission's support for the Balkan country's Schengen accession.

Controversial claims have been recently  made by British media and politicians that hundreds of thousands of Bulgarian and Romanian workers will "flood" the UK after the end of 2013.

Romania and Bulgaria's citizens can move to Britain for work when temporary limits expire on December 31 2013.

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