Spring-Like Weather Brings 2 Temperature Records to Bulgaria

February 2, 2013, Saturday // 06:46

Two temperature records, both of them in the north, were measured in Bulgaria Saturday, as a wave of warm air has temporarily gripped the country amid winter.

Spring came back briefly to the city of Pleven, where the temperature of 17.5 degrees Celsius was measured, the other record being 12 C in nearby Svishtov.

Highs for most of the country were around or above 10 C Saturday, said Bulgaria's National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology.

Sunday will see similarly warm weather, with maximum temperatures expected to soar to 17 C in the south-west.

The north-west will remain cooler with highs at 5-8 C, with colder weather returning with north-western wind in the later part of the day.

Precipitation is expected to start, coming in first as rain and then turning to snow as the night falls.

Sunday weather in mountains is expected to be highly dynamic, with strong winds blowing at higher altitudes.

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