London Mayor Deeply Concerned over Upcoming Bulgarian 'Influx'

January 31, 2013, Thursday // 03:18
Bulgaria: London Mayor Deeply Concerned over Upcoming Bulgarian 'Influx'
London Mayor Boris Johnson. Photo by EPA/BGNES

London Mayor Boris Johnson has expressed his concern over what some expect ro be an "influx" of Bulgarian and Romanian workers in country after the end of 2013.

Johnson has put pressure on the government to limit the number of Bulgarians and Romanians arriving in Britain next year, the London Evening Standard has informed.

Johnson has argued that although he welcomed "talented people" coming to the UK to work there was already a "significant" problem with homeless Eastern Europeans in the capital.

He urged ministers to renegotiate the deal over Romanians and Bulgarians who will be allowed to live and work in Britain from the start of 2014.

"I am concerned that immigration from Bulgaria and Romania, unless properly handled, will lead to an increase in rough sleeping of the kind we've seen from the previous accession countries," Johnson has stated.

"It may be sensible for us to consider what derogations or improvements we could make to the current deal on accession."

Romania and Bulgaria's citizens can move to Britain for work when temporary limits expire on December 31 2013.

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