UK Moves to Chase Away Bulgarians, Romanians with Rain

January 28, 2013, Monday // 08:33
Bulgaria: UK Moves to Chase Away Bulgarians, Romanians with Rain
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The British government considers launching an advertising campaign highlighting the pitfalls of life in the UK such as the rain in order to put off would-be immigrants from Romania and Bulgaria.

The measure is reported to be among ideas being considered by officials seeking ways to curb the expected arrivals from the two newest European Union member states when temporary restrictions expire in December, according to The Star.

British authorities are also said to be looking at the potential to deport anyone who failed to find work within three months of arriving or to show they could support themselves for six months.

From next year, like other EU citizens, Bulgarians and Romanians gain the unrestricted right to live and work in the UK where currently they require authorisation before taking a job.

Migration Watch recently claimed that "50 000" people from Romania and Bulgaria will come to the UK every year when restrictions are lifted next year.

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