All Polling Stations Opened for Bulgaria's Nuclear Referendum

January 27, 2013, Sunday // 11:34

Impediments due to obstructed roads have been lifted and all polling stations for Bulgaria's Sunday referendum on nuclear energy are now open.

This was revealed by Bulgarian police deputy deputy director, commissar Milcho Enev.

Earlier Sunday, it was reported that a handful of polling stations in villages in Burgas, Varna, Pazardzhik and Haskovo regions have yet opened due to inclement winter weather.

Commissar Enev confirmed tha the delays in opening were caused only by roads blocked by snow, and not by any election violations.

According to the police chief, the voting process in the entire country is taking place in a normal and orderly manner.

Sunday Bulgarians have to say 'yes' or 'no' to the question "Should nuclear energybe developed in the Republic of Bulgaria through the construction of a new nuclear power plant?"

The referendum was initiated by a public petition supported by opposition Bulgarian Socialist Party on the occasion of the frozen Belene NPP project.

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