Strong Police Presence in Bulgaria over Nuclear Referendum

January 26, 2013, Saturday // 02:27
Strong Police Presence in Bulgaria over Nuclear Referendum: Strong Police Presence in Bulgaria over Nuclear Referendum
13 500 uniform policemen will guard the referendum voting polls in Bulgaria over the weekend. Photo by BGNES

Beginning Saturday, the police in Bulgaria start providing security for voting polls in the referendum on the future of nuclear energy.

The press center of the Interior Ministry reports 13 500 uniform policemen will guard the voting polls over the weekend. Measures have been undertaken for security of citizens as well and for a safe voting.

Security watch for voting polls began at 1 pm Saturday and will conclude at 6 pm. Police will be present all day Sunday, from the opening of the polls at 6 am until their closure at 7 pm, or 8 pm, depending on lines.

Uniform police officers will guard the outside perimeter of polls, but will have the authority to intervene inside if needed.

The briefings of the Interior Ministry are scheduled for 10:45 am and 16:30 pm on the day of the referendum, while information about violations in the voting and in public order will be published every 4 hours on the Ministry's official page.

On Sunday, January 27, 2013, Bulgarians will have to answer in the referendum the following question: "Should nuclear energy be developed in Bulgaria through the construction of new nuclear power units?"

This is the first referendum in the country since the fall of the Communist regime in 1989.

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