3 Blank Cartridges, No Magazine Found in Dogan Attacker's Pistol

January 20, 2013, Sunday // 10:47
Bulgaria: 3 Blank Cartridges, No Magazine Found in Dogan Attacker's Pistol
Enimehmedov was beaten by several members of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms party after the attack

A total of three blank cartridges were discovered in the gas pistol used in Saturday's assault against Bulgarian ethnic Turkish politician Ahmed Dogan, according to experts.

Police in Bulgaria detained a man after he pointed a gas pistol at Dogan  as he was delivering a speech in the capital Sofia. No shots were fired. The man was identified as Oktay Enimemehmedov, a 25-year-old ethnic Turkish resident of the city of Burgas, with a previous criminal record for assault and theft.

One of the blank cartridges contained "technical pepper", according to the Focus news agency. According to Sofia police official Valeri Yordanov, the magazine was probably broken.

The gun used in the attack may cause injuries when fired from close range, but would be non-lethal, experts say.

It was made clear on Sunday that the man who attempted to shoot Bulgarian ethnic Turkish leader Ahmed Dogan with a gas pistol on Saturday was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the attack.

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