Graham Watson: Bulgaria PM Is Like Shiny Boeing Dreamliner

January 19, 2013, Saturday // 06:10
Bulgaria: Graham Watson: Bulgaria PM Is Like Shiny Boeing Dreamliner
Graham Watson. Photo by ALDE

ALDE leader Graham Watson praised Bulgarian liberal opposition leader Ahmed Dogan at the expense of PM Boyko Borisov after an unsuccessful attempt on Dogan's life Saturday.

The EU Liberals leader is in Sofia for Dogan's Movement for Rights and Freedoms congress, where he witnessed the dramatic assassination attempt against Dogan.

The European liberal leader denounced the act, linking it to a perceived failure of rule of law in Bulgaria.

"Liberals have become increasingly concerned about freedom and the rule of law under PM Boyko Borisov. The EU may need to mobilize to put the country back on track," said Watson.

"Borisov reminds me of the new Boeing Dreamliner - everything looks perfect, it has a wonderful vision, but all too soon you find out that it has huge problems with security and must be decomissioned," quipped the liberal.

"Given this, I prefer Ahmed Dogan's Airbus to Borisov's Boeing," added Watson.

He wished the Movement for Rights and Freedoms success in upcoming general elections in Bulgaria over the summer, and in 2014 European Parliament elections.

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