Liberal International to Award Assaulted Bulgarian Leader

January 19, 2013, Saturday // 05:50

The Liberal International will give its highest distinction to Ahmed Dogan, the leader of affiliated Bulgarian Movement for Rights and Freedoms, who survived an attempt on his life Saturday.

This was announced by Liberal International president Hans Van Baalen, who is in Sofia for the national congress of the Movement.

Dogan's speech was interrupted by a man who walked up to him with a handgun, but failed to shoot, supposedly because of a misfire.

The man was quickly detained.

After a long pause, the congress resumed, with Movement for Rights and Freedoms MEP Filiz Hyusmenova finishing off Dogan's speech.

In it, it transpired that the longtime MRF leader is announcing his resignation and recommending vice-chair Lyutvi Mestanov as an heir.

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