Bulgarian President Denounces Attempt against Key Politician

January 19, 2013, Saturday // 05:12
Bulgaria: Bulgarian President Denounces Attempt against Key Politician
Photo by BGNES

Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev has resolutely denounced Saturday's assassination attempt against Movement for Rights and Freedoms party leader Ahmed Dogan.

"The President deplores all attempts on the life and health of Bulgarian citizens and expresses his firm conviction that circumstances surrounding the evnts will be swiftly clarified," stated Plevneliev's office.

The President has had a phone call with Dogan, learning that the leader has been left unharmed and wishing him a swift recovery from the stress.

"Such an act is inadmissible in a democratic country," stressed Plevneliev.

"Bulgarian society is traditionally renown with its tolerance, with the mutual acceptance and respect amongst different ethnicities and religions," added he.

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