Bulgarian Nationalist Leader: Assault Will Consolidate Turkish Party

January 19, 2013, Saturday // 04:31
Bulgaria: Bulgarian Nationalist Leader: Assault Will Consolidate Turkish Party
Volen Siderov. Photo by BGNES

The assassination attempt against Movement for Rights and Freedoms leader Ahmed Dogan has been made possible by the gross negligence of security officers, according to nationalist Ataka party leader Volen Siderov.

"The fact that someone walked up to the front of the hall with a gun speaks either of gross incompetence on the part of the National Security Service, or implicates them in a scenario," stated Siderov.

The National Security Service is an agency devoted to bodyguarding senior Bulgarian statesmen and politicians who are believed to be under some threat for their personal integrity.

Dogan, who has been chairing the Movement since its founding as a party in 1990, has been placed under the Security Service's protection.

In his statement, Siderov lashed out at the Movement for Rights and Freedoms for not ensuring proper order during its congress.

"The fact that the Movement have an armed man with a criminal record among their delegates only underscores the criminal character of this party," added the nationalist.

According to Siderov, the unfortunate events will work to consoldiate the voters of the Movement, who are known to predominantly come from Bulgaria's large Turkish minority.

"Many in the Movement were asking for Dogan's resignation, but that will now cease," said Siderov.

Media reports have it that the MRF leader had actually intended to announce his resignation during his speech that was interrupted by the assassination attempt.

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