Graham Watson: God Save Bulgaria, Turkish-Bulgarian Party

January 19, 2013, Saturday // 02:16

European Liberal Party president Graham Watson has expressed his outrage at the assassination attempt against affiliate Movement for Rights and Freedoms chair Ahmed Dogan.

"On behalf of the European Parliament and the ALDE party I thank God that Ahmed Dogan is alive and well," said Watson.

Saturday the liberal leader is in Sofia for the 8th national congress of the Movement, at which chair Dogan was assaulted with a hand gun as he was delivering his speech.

The leader was rescued unharmed by delegates, who fell upon the attacker before him being driven out by security.

"We are shocked by the assassination attempt against your leader," stated Hans Van Baalen, chair of the Liberal International, who is also present at the event.

Van Baalen added that the EU needs to act out to restore the normal functioning of the rule of law in Bulgaria.

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