Bulgarian Town Employs Potholes to Calm Traffic

January 18, 2013, Friday // 05:45
Bulgaria: Bulgarian Town Employs Potholes to Calm Traffic
File photo of Gabrovo Mayor Tanya Hristova

Local authorities in the Bulgarian town of Gabrovo have used a peculiar tactic to reduce vehicle speed on a busy boulevard – by creating artificial potholes.

Nearly a dozen 3-by-3 feet holes have emerged near a pedestrian crossing on Gabrovo's Vasil Aprilov Boulevard, according to the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency.

The holes are approximately 4 inches deep.

The decision for the unusual traffic calming devices was taken during a meeting between Gabrovo municipality experts and local police representatives.

However, Gabrovo Mayor Tanya Hristova is not fond of the move. According to reporters, she has described it as "sheer madness."

Hristova has ordered the construction of a raised crosswalk at the spot.

One local official has been fired.

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