Bulgarian Mountain Rescue Save Skiers from Avalanche

January 13, 2013, Sunday // 07:56
Bulgaria: Bulgarian Mountain Rescue Save Skiers from Avalanche
Bulgarian Mountain Rescue Service officers. File photo, BGNES

Three skiers trapped by an avalanche have been retrieved by the Bulgarian Mountain Rescue Service Sunday.

The three have sustained fractures, but are alive and have been hospitalized in Bulgarian capital Sofia.

The incident happened Sunday early afternoon in the region of the famous Seven Rila Lakes in the Rila Mountain.

An avalanche fell from the Haramiyata Peak, trapping the three skiers, ages 30-40.

A nearby hiker alerted the Mountain Rescue Service, and later one of the injured also managed to call rescuers to specify his location.

Rescuers acted with their units in the town of Dupnitsa and the resort of Malyovitsa, with the operation facilitated by a military helicopter.

Rescuers quickly reached the location, working in high winds and a temperature below -10 degrees Centigrade.

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