Labour: Cameron 'Sleepwalking' UK out of EU

January 13, 2013, Sunday // 07:15

UK PM David Cameron's stance towards the EU risks seeing Britain exit the Union, something that is squarely against British national interests, argued Labour Party leader Ed Miliband.

Speaking for the BBC Sunday, Miliband described Cameron's moves as "incredibly dangerous."

Later January, the UK PM is expected to deliver a crucial speech regarding his government's future tactics towards the EU.

Perhaps the most divisive issue is whether Cameron will ask for the scheduling of a referendum on EU membership, something that he has been pushed for by fellow Tory and eurosceptic UKIP MPs.

"That is an incredible gamble. We know why this is happening. He is worried about the threat from Ukip and he is worried about what is happening in his own party. It is the wrong thing to do. It is not in the national interest," commented Labour leader Miliband.

PM David Cameron had repeatedly pledged that he will wrestle even more derogations for Britain from the EU, which would see a looser membership.

He has threatened that otherwise the UK will have to block by veto any future EU Treaty revisions.

"I think Cameron is essentially sleepwalking us towards the exit door from the European Union," commented Miliband Sunday.

According to the Labour Party leader, a referendum is a wrong choice that his party will vehemently oppose.

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