Bulgaria FinMin Wants to Create Tax Police

January 13, 2013, Sunday // 01:47
Bulgaria: Bulgaria FinMin Wants to Create Tax Police
Bulgaria's Minister of Finance Simeon Djankov. Photo by BGNES

Bulgaria's Ministry of Finance has developed legislation amendments allowing officers of Bulgaria's National Revenue Agency to obtain police powers.

The changes will have to be adopted by Parliament via changes in the country's Tax Procedure Codex and Penal Procedure Codex.

"Urgent tax investigation is at times needed by revenue agents in order to fulfil their regular tasks," read the Ministry of Finance's motives for the proposals.

Tax agents are proposed to now hold the powers to carry out interrogations, to inspect premises, to conduct searches, to seize property and the like.

According to the proposed amendments, those measures are to be taken up only when persons impede the proper carrying out of revenue officers' duties.

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