France Invites Bulgarian Reps to Roma Camp Inspections

January 12, 2013, Saturday // 06:08
France Invites Bulgarian Reps to Roma Camp Inspections: France Invites Bulgarian Reps to Roma Camp Inspections
An estimated 15 000 Roma, mainly from Bulgaria and Romania, live in illegal camps across France. Photo by BGNES

French authorities have invited for the first time Bulgarian representatives to take part in inspections of illegal Roma camps in Paris' suburbs.

The news was reported by the Bulgarian Ambassador to France, Marin Raykov, speaking Saturday for the Bulgarian National Radio, BNR.

Two such inspections have already taken place in the presence members of the Paris Prefecture and the Interior Ministry attach? at the Bulgarian Embassy.

"Indeed, Bulgarian Roma have been identified during these inspections – 18 in one of the camps and 6 in the other. The authorities have spoken to them, but no one has been arrested and deportation procedures have not been launched," the Bulgarian diplomat said.

Raykov acclaimed the new French approach, under the condition the rights of Bulgarian citizens would be adhered to. He added that in cases Roma have been deported back to Bulgaria over illegal actions, the country has always collaborated.

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