Bulgaria's 'War on Wheels' Shows Shy Signs of Taming

January 10, 2013, Thursday // 05:47
Bulgaria's 'War on Wheels' Shows Shy Signs of Taming: Bulgaria's 'War on Wheels' Shows Shy Signs of Taming
599 people died and 8 191 were injured in 2012 in traffic accidents in Bulgaria. File photo

In 2012, Bulgaria has registered 6 714 serious traffic accidents with 599 fatalities and 8 191 injured people.

The sinister numbers, however, continue to go down every year. In comparison, in 2011 they were 6 790, 687, and 8 081, respectively.

This is the official data of the country's Interior Ministry.

From the 599 fatalities, 299 (nearly 50%) were drivers, 166 (28%) – passengers, 133 (22%) – pedestrians and just 1 was a road construction worker.

Another 1 996 pedestrians have been injured.

There were 26 children and teens among the fatalities.

Crashes top the list of traffic accidents, followed by cutting off another driver, not keeping distance, and crashing into a parked car.

Most accidents have occurred because drivers violated traffic laws and were involved in speeding, irregular passing, driving in the opposite direction, and DUI - in this order.

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