Bulgarian Border Policeman Commits Suicide

January 10, 2013, Thursday // 03:52
Bulgarian Border Policeman Commits Suicide: Bulgarian Border Policeman Commits Suicide
Police in the Black Sea city of Burgas are investigating the apparent suicide of one of their colleagues. File photo

A senior police officer from Bulgaria's Border Police in the city of Burgas has committed suicide while on duty.

The incident has happened around 5 pm Wednesday. Tencho Tenchev, with a career with the Border Police since 1999, has shot himself with his own gun on board of the police cutter where he was serving his shift.

The emergency medical team found a gun wound on his right temple and pronounced him dead at the scene.

Police and the prosecutor's office are investigating, but have declined offering any details. In addition, the incident has been kept secret for hours after it happened aboard the cutter, which was at the pier where the Burgas Border Police is based.

Tenchev's colleagues are reported to be in shock by his sudden death.

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