Albanian Nationalists Request Unification with Kosovo

January 8, 2013, Tuesday // 09:08
Bulgaria: Albanian Nationalists Request Unification with Kosovo
A map of the so-called Greater Albania. Image by Wikipedia

Albanian nationalist Red and Black Alliance has filed a request with Albania's election authorities for the calling of a referendum for the unification between Albania and Kosovo.

"This is an historic chance to unite two states that belong to one people. There are no internal or external obstructions for such a step," stated Alliance leader Kreshnik Spahiu.

The Red and Black Alliance's position is that the union should be constituted as an Albanian Federation, which will then apply for membership and join the European Union.

The Alliance, founded in March 2012, is a movement and political party of extreme Albanian nationalists, led by the respected legal expert Spahiu.

Known in local liberal circles as "the Albanian Vojislav Seselj," he is a vocal critic of Albanian PM Sali Berisha, whom he sees as "a Graeco-Serbian marionette."

Among other things, the Red and Black Alliance has called for Albanian foreign policy to show stronger interest in Serbia's Presevo Valley, populated by many Albanian communities.

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