6 Russians Perish in Italian Alps Accident

January 5, 2013, Saturday // 06:14
Bulgaria: 6 Russians Perish in Italian Alps Accident
Members of the Italian Alpine rescue team take part in the rescue operation on Mount Cermis. Photo by RIA Novosti/AFP

Six Russian tourists have died and two others have been injured after their snowmobile flipped over on a ski slope in north-eastern Italy.

The incident took place on Friday night near Trentino. Russia's Consul General in Milan confirmed the death of the six tourists on Saturday.

The accident occurred on a steep slope at the altitude of 2,000 meters while the eight were traversing a closed 'black' track most likely on the way from a restaurant to their hotel, RIA Novosti informs.

The driver apparently lost control of the snowmobile and the vehicle broke through the safety nets, plunging about 100 meters down the slope.

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