Kosovo Requests Diplomatic Status for Belgrade Envoy

January 2, 2013, Wednesday // 08:56
Bulgaria: Kosovo Requests Diplomatic Status for Belgrade Envoy

Kosovo will request that its envoy to Serbia be granted a diplomatic status, said Kosovar Foreign Affairs Minister Enver Hoxhaj Wednesday.

At their meeting December, Serbia's PM Ivica Dacic and Kosovo's PM Hashim Thaci agreed to send represantatives to each other's capitals.

However, the official status of those envoys has not been determined yet.

"We are working hard for Kosovo's representative to be an ambssador to Serbia. That is the answer we are expecting from Serbia," said Hoxhaj.

Dacic and Thaci are set to hold their first meeting in 2013 on January 17, when there are expected to discuss matters relating to Northern Kosovo.

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