Berlusconi Vows to Investigate 'Intl Conspiracy' against Him

January 2, 2013, Wednesday // 05:28
Bulgaria: Berlusconi Vows to Investigate 'Intl Conspiracy' against Him
Photo by EPA/BGNES

Former Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi has stated that if he returns to power after general elections in February, he will investigate the "international conspiracy" that ousted him end of 2011.

Acting Italian PM Mario Monti, who resigned end of December, has stated that Berlusconi's positions are "logically confusing" and called on Italy's citizens to show good sense in the polls.

Berlusconi has been arguing that an "international conspiracy" including "Germany and the Catholic Church" pressured him into resigning.

Technocrat Monti, a life-long member of Italy's Senate, is leading a center-right coalition dubbed "Monti's Agenda for Italy" for upcoming general elections.

He has stated he sees the movement as a "civic movement" going beyond the left-right divide, and set to bring politics to a new level.

Multiple-times Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi is leading his center-right People of Freedom party in Italy's parliamentary elections scheduled for February 24-25.

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