French Humor Weekly Publishes Mohammed Comic Book

January 2, 2013, Wednesday // 03:42
Bulgaria: French Humor Weekly Publishes Mohammed Comic Book
The cover of Charlie Hebdo's comic book relating the life of the prophet Mohammed. Photo by EPA/BGNES

French satirical weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo has published a comic biography book for Muslim prophet Mohammed.

This is only the first of a multiple part series, reported world agencies Wednesday.

The Charlie Hebdo newspaper published carricatures of the prophet Mohammed in September 2012, which led to massive protests among Muslim communities in France and elsewhere.

France even temporarily shut down embassies in some countries.

The French government has not taken a position on the comic book, but has reaffirmed its support for a balance between religious toleration and free speech.

According to the comic's creators, it is based on Mohammed biography by Islamic authors.

They have added that the figure of the prophet Mohammed is a historical figure that belongs to all humanity.

According to them, the ban on depicting the prophet is only tradition, and is not explicitly imposed by Islam's holy book, the Koran.

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