Fireworks Claim 2nd Life in Bulgaria

January 1, 2013, Tuesday // 07:03

A 49-year-old man has perished in Nikolovo, a village in Northeastern Bulgarian District Ruse, in an incident with fireworks.

The latest firework death is the second in Bulgaria in just a few days as earlier a seven-year-old kid died as a result of a firework explosion in the village of Turkmen near Plovdiv.

49-year-old Stefan Velev died shortly after New Year's after he lit up his last fireworks outside of his village located a lake near the village of Nikolovo. The firework blast blew up half of his head.

In a separate incident near Plovdiv, a 35-year-old man lost his arm.

A total of seven people were hospitalized in Sofia on New Year's Day with various injuries resulting from fireworks and their improper use.

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