Waste Sorting Becomes Obligatory for Bulgarian Firms

January 1, 2013, Tuesday // 03:49
Bulgaria: Waste Sorting Becomes Obligatory for Bulgarian Firms
Waste separation is now mandatory for all firms in Bulgaria. File photo by BGNES

All firms in Bulgaria have become obliged to separate their waste from paper, plastic, glass, and metals as of January 1, 2013.

Under Bulgarian law, they are now required to transfer their separated garbage to those companies that are licensed for waste trade and processing.

Before January 1, 2013, the obligation for waste sorting was in place in Bulgaria only for industrial producers but now applies to any firms that use commercial, industrial, or administrative buildings.

Local mayors are in charge of supervising the application of the garbage separation legislation, with each individual municipality in Bulgaria deciding on the sanctioning authority which could be the local inspectorate, environmental police, or individual inspectors.

Firms face fines of BGN 3000 – BGN 10 000 for their first violation.

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