Most Popular Editorials of (Sofia News Agency) in 2012

December 31, 2012, Monday // 03:37

Following is a ranking of the most popular commentaries and analysis articles published by (Sofia News Agency) in 2012. More detailed information about the most popular stories covered by (Sofia News Agency) in 2012 READ HERE


Time for Preemptive Division of Macedonia (?)

April 21, 2012, Saturday

After five Macedonian men were found killed near Skopje last week, the ethnic tensions in the Republic of Macedonia seem to be getting worse by the hour....

Bulgaria Will Never Be The Same

July 18, 2012, Wednesday
Terror doesn't have two faces, or any more than that....

Signing ACTA - Killing Both Torrent Sites and Bulgaria's Regions

January 31, 2012, Tuesday
Bulgaria's Borisov Cabinet has just come up with a new unpleasant surprise for the Bulgarian public by signing ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement), the controversial copyright protection deal, without telling anyone....

What Will 2012 Be Like for Bulgaria? (by &

January 7, 2012, Saturday
As 2012 has kicked off, the journalists of (Sofia News Agency) and are offering you their takes on a crucial question......

Danube Bridge 2 between Bulgaria and Romania: The Bridge of Shame!

December 12, 2012, Wednesday
Of course, it is a nice thing that Danube Bridge 2 between Bulgaria and Romania will be completed after all....

Georgia Moves Ahead - But the 2008 War Consequences Remain to Be Dealt with

August 8, 2012, Wednesday (Sofia News Agency) and are publishing an exclusive opinion article by Georgia's Foreign Minister Grigol Vashadze on the occasion of the fourth year since the start of the 2008 War between Georgia and Russia....

The Bulgarian Solution of the Greek Crisis: Why Bulgaria Must Aid Greece!

February 20, 2012, Monday
The so called Greek crisis has been shaking Europe for the past two years....

Bulgaria: Fifteen Years Later

November 2, 2012, Friday
The first of July marked the anniversary of a momentous day in Bulgarian history. On that day, fifteen years ago, Bulgaria installed its currency board system (CBS), finally ending its hyperinflation, which had peaked with a monthly inflation rate of 242%...

Terrorist Attack in Burgas: Has the Inevitable Happened for Bulgaria?

July 19, 2012, Thursday
Ever since a decade ago Bulgaria became an unconditional ally of the USA and even enlisted in the first "Coalition of Willing" of George W Bush in Iraq, joining in Afghanistan shortly before that, and the Bulgarian medics were jailed in Libya as scapegoat...

The Boring End of the "Lukoil - Bulgaria" Opera

January 16, 2012, Monday
Bulgaria's Customs Agency awarded Monday to the Lukoil Neftochim refinery in the Black Sea city of Burgas protocols certifying compliance of its measuring equipment with state requirements....

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