Chavez Suffers New Complications after Cancer Surgery

December 31, 2012, Monday // 10:57
Bulgaria: Chavez Suffers New Complications after Cancer Surgery
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez gestures as he leads an electoral event in front of El Valle church in Caracas (Venezuela), 26 July 2012. EPA/BGNES

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has suffered "new complications" after his cancer surgery in Cuba, his Vice President, Nicolas Maduro, has said.

Maduro, as cited by the BBC News, said in a statement that Chavez continued to be in a "delicate state."

Chavez, 58,  underwent his fourth cancer operation on December 11 in Cuba but suffered a respiratory infection.

Without going into details about Chavez's condition, Venezuela's Vice President said that the latest complications were connected to the respiratory infection.

Hugo Chavez, who won another six-year term in office at the presidential elections in October, is to be sworn in for another six-year term in office as President on January 10.

Government officials, however, have suggested he might not return in time for his inauguration.

Under Venezuela's constitution, if Chavez cannot take office on January 10 and his absence is deemed "absolute" (death, resignation or an incapacitating illness), new elections must be held within 30 days.

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