Christmas Greets Europe with Spring, UK under Deluge

December 25, 2012, Tuesday // 02:40
Bulgaria: Christmas Greets Europe with Spring, UK under Deluge
People basking in the sun at the beach in Biarritz, France, on Christmas Day. Photo by EPA/BGNES

A southern wind has set springlike temperatures over much of western and southern Europe, at a time when torrential rains are flooding the UK, and Russia is cracking under severe cold.

Temperatures in many parts of Germany are over 16 degrees Centigrade, an unusual event for this time of the year.

Weathermen have warned that rapid melting of snow is possible to cause floods.

Temperatures in France have ranged from 12 to 25 degrees C, with people going out to the beach in the Biarritz resort near the border with Spain.

On the other hand, the UK has been under a wave of heavy rains for days, set to continue for at least several more, and to cause significant damage by flooding.

he especially severe cold wave that has gripped Russia is abating, with lows in Moscow Tuesday expected at -9 C, in contrast with Monday's - 25 C.

Christmas day Tuesday has also marked a rapid increase in temperatures in Bulgaria, especially in areas without persisting fogs.

Highs for Wednesday are expected at around 10 C for southern Bulgaria and 5 C for the north, with lows aroud 0 C or a few degrees less.

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