Bulgaria PM: After Elections, GERB Won't Form Coalitions

December 23, 2012, Sunday // 08:12
Bulgaria: Bulgaria PM: After Elections, GERB Won't Form Coalitions
Photo by BGNES

If current Bulgarian ruling party GERB cannot form a cabinet after 2013 general elections, they will stay in opposition, according to party chair and Bulgarian PM Boyko Borisov.

"If next time we do not have such representation in Parliament so as not to be bullied by other parties, we'll stay out of power," said Borisov in a pre-Christmas interview for Nova TV Sunday.

In the interview, Borisov rejected one by one several options of coalition between GERB and some of the other significant political parties in Bulgaria.

"Bulgarians need to know that there is no way I can make a deal with the Movement for Rights and Freedoms," said Borisov, commenting the liberal party known to be supported by Bulgaria's Turkish minority.

"I can also in no way enter into a coalition with the Bulgarian Socialist Party, because they are an omnivorous formation, and everyone who came close to them has been reduced to nought," reflected Borisov.

Regarding former EU Commissioner Meglena Kuneva, the Bulgarian PM said that she is "a European person," but he is worried of the circles behind her new Bulgaria for Citizens party, meaning certain unspecified "lawyers' firms."

Bulgaria's next general elections are to be scheduled for the middle of the summer of 2013.

In the last elections, July 2009, Borisov's GERB swept to power, after securing just a couple of seats off absolute majority in Bulgaria's 240-member Parliament.

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