Apocalypse: Why Bulgariаns Don't Buy It

December 20, 2012, Thursday // 01:16 ; Milena Hristova
Bulgaria: Apocalypse: Why Bulgariаns Don't Buy It

Many believe the world will end Friday - 12/21/12 - when an important phase on the ancient calendar of the Mayan people terminates.

We, Bulgarians, however don't buy it.

Reasonable scientists have claimed that the ancient Mayan prophecy was a misconception from the very beginning.

Archaeologists say it is all about the rotating digits in the Mayan calendar, which can roll over and repeat itself. Astronomers say no asteroids or comets are on a collision path with the earth, the sun is not a threat either.

To Bulgarians too, 12/21/12 is not a day of dread.

The past year, expectedly, was a pretty bad one for most Bulgarians and with little left to lose it is only natural we do not care when exactly the world would be destroyed.

We are much more afraid of the troubles that the country's economic collapse may trigger next year and even plan to use the funny date as an occasion for home celebrations, according to polls.

If you are reading this article on 12/22/12, it means one thing – the world did not end. Doesn't it feel good to appreciate that fact? Let's go celebrate the beginning of the 14th Mayan baktun!

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