Bulgaria's 2013 Hotch-Potch

December 19, 2012, Wednesday // 07:56 ; Milena Hristova
Bulgaria: Bulgaria's 2013 Hotch-Potch

Now, prior to Elections 2013, it is all about whether the former Sofia mayor will become a former prime minister as well.

After Elections 2013 however frustrated Bulgarians are highly likely to witness the desperate and unsuccessful attempts of the elected parties to form a government.

It is still early days to predict the share-out of MP seats in Bulgaria's next parliament, but it is easy to see signs of the way ahead.

And none of them are hopeful.

With about 95 MP seats expected to be claimed in the vote, the ruling GERB will fall short of holding a majority in the 240-seat unicameral parliament. It will rely on the (well-heeled) support of a major foe-turned-ally or MPs from at least 2 smaller parties.

Two scenarios are likely to unfold.

First, the bickering political forces fail to reach an agreement on the future government for months on end.

Second, a government is born in heavy labor amid haggling and compromises, prompting the toppling of current market monopolists and the creation of new ones.

No matter which scenario unfolds however one thing is for sure - the spectacle will be fascinating but very risky for the country.

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