Turkey Named World's Worst Jailor of Journalists

December 11, 2012, Tuesday // 01:01
Bulgaria: Turkey Named World's Worst Jailor of Journalists

Turkey is the world's worst jailer of journalists, with a total of 49 journalists behind bars, according to the latest report published by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).

Large-scale imprisonments in Turkey, Iran, and China helped lift the global tally to its highest point since CPJ began conducting worldwide surveys in 1990, surpassing the previous record of 185 in 1996.

Eritrea, Syria, Vietnam, Azerbaijan, Ethiopia, Uzbekistan, and Saudi Arabia rounded out the 10 worst jailers.

Imprisonment of journalists worldwide reached a record high in 2012, driven in part by the widespread use of charges of terrorism and other anti-state offenses against critical reporters and editors, the Committee to Protect Journalists has found. In its annual census of imprisoned journalists, CPJ identified 232 individuals behind bars on December 1, an increase of 53 over its 2011 tally.

The number of journalists held on anti-state charges, 132, is the highest CPJ has recorded. ยทย  The use of retaliatory charges was the next most common tactic among cases in which charges were publicly disclosed. Nineteen journalists faced such charges worldwide.

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