Qatari Investors Interested in Plovdiv Stadium in SW Bulgaria

December 10, 2012, Monday // 07:50
Bulgaria: Qatari Investors Interested in Plovdiv Stadium in SW Bulgaria
The "Plovdiv" stadium in Bulgaria's southwestern city of Plovdiv, photo by

Qatari investors have shown interest in the reconstruction of the "Plovdiv" stadium and in the renovation of the existing sports infrastructure in Bulgaria's second biggest city, according to Georgi Tityukov, Deputy Mayor of Plovdiv.

In a Monday interview for Darik Radio, Tityukov explained that the Plovdiv Municipality had sent a presentation on investment opportunities in sports infrastructure in the region to the Qatari government.

The Deputy Mayor of the southern Bulgarian city made clear that Qatar was expected to come up with a response in the next few weeks.

He also noted that Bulgarian football legend Hristo Stoichkov had been given the same presentation to show to Spanish investors.

Tityukov reminded that Stoichkov had managed to bring Spanish investors to Plovdiv in 2011.

He noted that the Spanish investors had presented a project for the stadium but had eventually given up on the idea.

Tityukov went on to say that the sports infrastructure in Plovdiv would also undergo repairs funded with EU money after 2014.

"Large cities have had no opportunities to receive money for sports under operational programs so far, but this will change in the next programming period," he declared.

Tityukov suggested that the Plovdiv Municipality would repair sports facilities through public-private partnership schemes and with state funds until 2014.

He specified, however, that the sums would go to small-scale repairs on roofs, insulations, etc.

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