Bulgarian NGO to Bestow 'Human of the Year' Award

December 10, 2012, Monday // 09:36
Bulgaria: Bulgarian NGO to Bestow 'Human of the Year' Award

The Bulgarian Helsinki Committee, a human rights NGO, will announce and bestow its annual Human of the Year award on Monday.

A total of 33 people and organizations have been nominated for this year's award. The list includes Bulgarian ombudsman Konstantin Penchev, journalists, environmental activists, LGBT rights activists and animal welfare organizations, among others.

The full list of nominees and the reasons for each nomination are available HERE (in Bulgarian).

"We are looking for the bold, the tenacious, those with civil courage – in order to honour and encourage them. We are looking for the acts that are a precedent in the sphere of human rights, that have significant potential for stimulating societal development, or are simply innovative and creative," the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee says on its official website.

The Bulgarian Judges Association won first prize at Human of the Year 2011

Monday marks the International Human Rights Day. December 10 marks sixty-four years since the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) in 1948.

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