Rulers Emerge Victorious in Crucial Romanian Vote

December 10, 2012, Monday // 08:11
Bulgaria: Rulers Emerge Victorious in Crucial Romanian Vote
Romanian Prime Minister and Social Liberal Union (USL) co-president Victor Ponta. Photo by Getty Images

Romania's center-left government won a clear victory in Sunday's parliamentary elections, exit polls show.

Prime Minister Victor Ponta's governing alliance had about 57 % of seats in the 452-seat Parliament, according to a poll published after elections on national television TVR.

The opposition Right Romania Alliance, aligned with President Traian Basescu, got 18.12%.

Other pollsters reported similar results.

"We won a clear majority," Ponta declared after the vote, urging his opponents to "accept the rules of democracy."

The Wall Street Journal has reminded that Ponta is engaged in a bitter political battle with Basescu, which suggests that despite the election results, Basescu may not nominate Ponta to lead the next government.

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