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December 9, 2012, Sunday // 07:13

"They [Bulgarian communists] once killed my grandfather, so I take those things very seriously. We take all measures to stay stafe from those bandits, for they are very scary. [Bulgarian Socialist Party leader Sergey] Stanishe is very scary, he understands those things in another way, given his [communist] lineage. They know how to kill people, how to build concentration camps, they know how it was in Belene before the NPP started, they know how they fed humans to pigs there. He knows how it is and so his "other way" is clear, but we will not give in that easily. They are very scary."

Bulgarian PM Boyko Borisov reflects on predecessor Sergey Stanishev's communist lineage and the latter's remarks that Borisov's cabinet will have to go one way or another.

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