Bulgaria PM Borisov Abhors 'Scary' Socialist Stanishev Clan

December 9, 2012, Sunday // 07:01
Bulgaria: Bulgaria PM Borisov Abhors 'Scary' Socialist Stanishev Clan
Photo by BGNES

Socialist former Bulgarian PM Sergey Stanishev and his ancestors have contributed to Bulgaria's poverty, according to current PM Boyko Borisov.

Bulgarian political discourse reached new heights when Borisov was asked to comment Stanishev's boding earlier this week that Borisov's GERB will have to quit power one way or another.

"Stanishev is very scary, he understands those things in another way, given his lineage. They know how to kill people and build concentration camps," said the PM.

Stanishev's father is Dmitry Stanishev, a high-level functionary of the Bulgarian Communist Party.

Speaking at a press event Tuesday,the Party of European Socialists and Bulgarian Socialist Party chair said "He who has lost people's trust and does not want to leave in peace, in a democratic manner, will have to go another way."

Saturday he accused Borisov's cabinet of turning Bulgaria into "EU's ghetto.

"The whole kin of Stanishev has throughout the years contributed to us being the poorest in Europe," retorted Borisov Sunday.

"They once killed my grandfather, so I take those things very seriously. We take all measures to stay stafe from those bandits, for they are very scary," said the PM.

Boyko Borisov remained a member of the Bulgarian Communist Party after the collapse of the communist regime in 1989 and had to be then dismissed from Bulgaria's police due to a depolitization process.

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