Bulgaria Braces for Unfair Elections - Ex-Commissioner's Party

December 9, 2012, Sunday // 05:21

Upcoming summer 2013 general elections in Bulgaria could well be unfair, given developments in the country, according to new Bulgaria for Citizens party vice-chair Yonko Grozev.

"The current election of Bulgaria's Chief Prosecutor is connected with the fairness of the parliamentary vote," said Grozev in a statement Sunday.

"Because the vote in 2013 will determine who will rule the country, and the election of the Chief Prosecutor will determine whether those in will be responsible for the abuse of power," added he.

Grozev slammed the ongoing Chief Prosecutor election procedure as "fake" and lacking in transparency.

According to him, ruling center-right GERB party is openly supporting Sotir Tsatsarov among the candidates.

"Our judiciary is ruled by a network of dependencies, which periodically explodes in our face and exudes a heavy stench," said he.

The new liberal Bulgaria for Citizens party was founded by former EU Commissioner Meglena Kuneva, who ran as a presidential candidate in fall 2011 elections that were marred by significant irregularities.

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