Obama 'Close Allies' Video Becomes Popular in Bulgaria

December 6, 2012, Thursday // 03:03
Obama 'Close Allies' Video Becomes Popular in Bulgaria: Obama 'Close Allies' Video Becomes Popular in Bulgaria
US President Barack Obama hosted a one-to-one meeting with Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov at the White House Oval Office on Monday. Photo by BGNES

A video clip of a TV reporter in Denmark, showing US President Barack Obama saying the same words to a number of country leaders has gained serious popularity in Bulgaria after the visit of Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov to Washington DC.

In the clip, Obama tells all the rest that their country is a close ally to America.

On December 3, Bulgaria was also declared a close or exceptional ally, which became the source of pride and joy for Borisov's hardline supporters.

Meanwhile, the Bulgarian correspondent for Deutshe Welle in Washington DC, Sonya Kanikova, cited by Sega (Now) daily, reports that the Obama-Borisov talks have remained largely unnoticed in America.

Only a handful of media such as Washington Post, Seattle Times, and USA Today have published short notes about it, copying the information from the White House's official site, contrary to the huge interest in Bulgaria ever since the news about the meeting made headlines.

Of course, Kanikova comments that this is not a surprise, since Bulgaria, as a small and far-away country, is very rarely mentioned in the US and political ties and partnership with it are not interesting for most American readers and TV Viewers.

"This is not something flattering, but I have met Americans, who think that Bulgaria is the name of an ethnic restaurant in Manhattan; others might know us by our "talented" hackers and ATM skimmers, but they have no idea where Bulgaria is located," she told bTV.

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