Morsi Supporters Clash with Protesters in Cairo

December 5, 2012, Wednesday // 08:29
Bulgaria: Morsi Supporters Clash with Protesters in Cairo
Photo by RIA Novosti

Supporters of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi clashed with opposition protesters on Wednesday for the second consecutive day in Cairo.

The clashes began when Morsi supporters descended on the area around the palace where some 300 opposition activists earlier set up a tent camp, RIA Novosti informs. The protesters were forced to retreat from the square outside the palace to side streets.

Opposition groups are rallying against Morsi's controversial constitutional declaration that granted him near-absolute powers.

The recently issued decree expands Morsi's executive powers and puts him above the judiciary, declaring that the courts are barred from challenging his decisions.

Demonstrators are also protesting against his decision to hold a nationwide referendum on the country's new constitution on December 15, which they describe as too hasty.

Egypt's Islamist-led constitutional commission voted to approve the country's draft constitution last week.

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