Ex-Interior Minister Quits Bulgarian Right-Wing Party

December 5, 2012, Wednesday // 07:48
Bulgaria: Ex-Interior Minister Quits Bulgarian Right-Wing Party
Ex Interior Minister Emanuil Yordanov. Photo by 24 Chasa

Former Bulgarian Interior Minister Emanuil Yordanov (1999-2001) has become the latest member of the Union of Democratic Forces (UDF) party to leave the embattled political formation.

Yordanov has explained that UDF is no longer the voice of democracy in Bulgaria.

Upon asked whether he would join another political formation, Yordanov stated that he would take a rest from politics, dnevnik.bg informs.

A number of UDF members have left the party over the last two weeks, as the party has recently sided with the ruling centrist-right GERB.

Last week the party's governing body controversially expelled 3 key UDF lawmakers for disobedience.

The party's MPs refused to back the nomination of former President Petar Stoyanov (1997-2001) for constitutional judge, saying they did not oppose Stoyanov personally, but the fact that the nomination was imposed by Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and his centrist-right GERB party.

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