Cargo Ship Sinks Off Turkey, at Least 1 Dead

December 4, 2012, Tuesday // 04:35
Bulgaria: Cargo Ship Sinks Off Turkey, at Least 1 Dead
Photo of the Volgo Balt 199 ship by

At least one person has been reported dead after a cargo ship capsized in storm off the Turkish coast on Tuesday.

Three crew members have been rescued so far, while at least nine are missing, RIA Novosti says.

Twelve crew members were on board the Volgo Balt 199 - reportedly 11 Ukrainian nationals, and one Russian.

The ship, owned by the Solna Maritime Company and sailing under the flag of St Kitts and Nevis, was carrying coal from Russia to southern Turkey.

The Volgo Balt 199 sank off the town of Sile, in Istanbul province to the east of the city.

A second ship is said to be in difficulty amid stormy weather, according to BBC.

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