New Bulgarian Party Vows to Fight for Principles, Enter Parliament

December 2, 2012, Sunday // 04:31
Bulgaria: New Bulgarian Party Vows to Fight for Principles, Enter Parliament
Korman Ismailov (L) and Kasim Dal (R). File photo, Sofia Photo Agency

The Freedom and Dignity party, founded by dissenters from Turkish-Bulgarian Movement for Rights and Freedoms, will stand up for the ideals of freedom and equality, stated co-founder Kasim Dal.

"Freedom and Dignity will be a Bulgarian national political party, comprising representatives of all of Bulgaria's differing ethnic communities," stated Dal at the party's constitutive conference Sunday.

The liberal politician said that the new party will in no way be ethnically-based, something that the Movement for Rights and Freedoms he formerly vice-chaired has been frequently been accused of.

"We do not aim to steal votes from the Movement, but we think that its divisive attitude is backward and counterproductive," added he.

Co-founder of Freedom and Dignity, former MRF MP Korman Ismailov stated that the new party is ready to put a hard fight and enter Parliament after upcoming elections in the summer of 2013.

"We will be thinking about an election coalition, but we will be looking at parties that share our foundational values," added Ismailov.

In the fall 2011 presidential and municipal elections, Kasim Dal and the people around him joined forces with the minor rightist United People's Party of former MP Maria Kapon.

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