Environmental Assessment Underway for Turkish TPP on Bulgarian Border

November 30, 2012, Friday // 02:32

An environmental assessment for the construction of a thermal power plant just several kilometers away from Turkey's border with Bulgaria was launched by Turkish authorities in June, a Bulgarian paper has learned.

Energy company EMBA Elektrik Uretim's project is for a 1200 MW thermal power plant, Capital Daily has informed. That would make it the largest thermal power plant in the country.

At the end of October, the investor attempted to start an environmental assessment discussion in Igneada, the town in which the plant is expected to be built. However, the town's population refused to take part in the talks and chased away representatives of the company, Capital Daily says.

The daily has reminded that there is a protected area just 6.5 kilometers from where the plant is to be built.

Bulgaria's Environment Ministry is yet to receive an answer from Turkey regarding its plans for Igneada. The Ministry also hopes to take part in the environmental assessment process.

On Thursday, it was made clear that a private Turkish investor wants to build a thermal power plant with a coal port in Igneada.

On Wednesday, Turkish President Abdullah Gul, despite recent reports that his country will give up plans to build a nuclear power plant and/or a thermal power plant in the town of Igneada, which is located 5 km south of the Bulgarian-Turkish border, told his Bulgarian countrerpart Rosen  Plevneliev during their meeting that both projects are under consideration.

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