Coming Week to Bring First Snow to Bulgaria

November 29, 2012, Thursday // 01:20

The first snow in the Bulgarian lowlands for the new winter season is expected after Monday, December 3, according to the Bulgarian national weather service.

The first two days of December will be warm, but the coming week will bring clouds and colder air across the country, with temperatures significantly dropping.

Precipitation will start in the form of rain but then shift to snow in some location, said the National Institute of Hydrology and Meteorology.

Highs for the coldest days next week are expected to be around zero degrees Centigrade.

For the whole month of December, the highs are expected to not cross the range of 13-18 C, and lows to be in the range -14 to -9 C.

Precipitation is expected to be higher than the average for the month.

After the first initial snowy spell, the weather is expected to calm down, with good conditions for fogs in the valleys.

The middle of the month will see dynamic weather and colder conditions again, say the Institute.

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