Varna Drowning Death Deemed Suicide

November 27, 2012, Tuesday // 04:21
Varna Drowning Death Deemed Suicide: Varna Drowning Death Deemed Suicide
Varna police are investigating the drowning of a young man. File photo

The drowning death of the 20-year-old Varna man, Y.S.S., whose body was pulled out of the Black Sea in the city of Varna early Tuesday, is deemed suicide.

The youth does not have a criminal record, and had a quarrel with his girlfriend before the tragic incident, the Varna site Dnes (Today) reports. He left his home around 1 pm and drove to the pier near the very trendy and expensive Rappongi bar. The man had not visited the bar.

Divers found the body in a locked car submerged in sea waters. The initial search of the vehicle established that the gear was left in third speed. Experts believe the man pressed the pedal, directing the Opel to the water, and never attempted to leave the car.

Fishermen saw the vehicle flying off the pier around 2:45 am and called the emergency hotline.

The pending results of the autopsy and witness interrogations are expected to shed more light on the tragic incident.

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