Sofia Mall Receives Bomb Threat Once Again

November 26, 2012, Monday // 04:57
Bulgaria: Sofia Mall Receives Bomb Threat Once Again
The Serdika Center Mall on Sitnyakovo boulevard in the Bulgarian capital Sofia. File photo by Sofia Photo Agency

The Serdika Center Mall in Bulgaria's capital Sofia was temporarily closed over a bomb threat for a second day in a row on Monday.

A phone call was placed Monday on the emergency 112 hotline, alerting of a bomb at the mall.

A female voice called around 3:00 pm, according to the Interior Ministry.

The large building, located on Sitnyakovo boulevard, has been evacuated and police are checking the premises.

On Sunday, a similar bomb threat was received for the Serdika Center Mall, with police finding no trace of explosives.

Last week, another central mall in the capital, The Mall of Sofia, on Alexander Stamboliyski boulevard, received a bomb threat as well.

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